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hello people first of all we are going to talk about the 2 respective values ​​of the story that are thankfull and truthwortinnes, we also have to be clear that this story is a satira.ya that said we can begin, for me in this story there are none of these two values ​​that comment because tom and the wife are not grateful with what they have if they do not want more and more another situation that is presented where we can highlight these values ​​is the treatment that Tom's wife has with the same tom treats him as a garbage we also see that tom is a person who is not satisfied with anything, another critical point is the history with respect to the values ​​is the way in which the wife of Tom and the same tom have no confidence in them and the way in which the wife makes a deal with the devil and only prefers his welfare and not that of tom, we also see signs of distrust when tom does not trust and almost does not accept the treatment of the devil, in history also cases of treaso…

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Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is a sovereign country located in the northwestern region of South America, which is constituted as a unitary, social and democratic state of law whose form of government is presidential. It is a politically organized republic in 32 decentralized departments and the capital District of Bogotá, seat of the national government. Including Malpelo Island, Roncador Cay and Serrana Bank, the country covers an area of ​​1,141,748 km², making it the twenty-sixth largest country in the world and the seventh largest in the Americas. It claims as territorial sea the area up to 12 nautical miles away, 4 maintaining a border dispute with Venezuela and Nicaragua.12 13 It borders the East with Venezuela and Brazil, the South with Peru and Ecuador and the Northwest with Panama. ; in terms of maritime limits, it borders Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea, and with Panama, Cos…

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